“Charles Parsons was one of the greatest scientific geniuses that this country has ever produced.” Anne Parsons, Countess of Rosse

'Sensational book' out in paperback

Magnificent Women and Their Revolutionary Machines front cover
Front cover of Magnificent Women paperback edition

‘Women have won their political independence; now is the time for them to achieve their economic freedom too.’ This was the great rallying cry of the pioneers who, in 1919, created the Women's Engineering Society. Spearheaded by Katharine and Rachel Parsons, a powerful mother and daughter duo, and Caroline Haslett, whose mission was to liberate women from domestic drudgery, it was the world's first professional organisation dedicated to the campaign for women's rights.

In this fascinating book, acclaimed biographer Henrietta Heald tells the stories of the women at the heart of this group, from their significant achievements in engineering and technology to their success in fanning the flames of a social revolution.

'A sensational book ... both a reminder of how far women have come and a source of inspiration for how far we still need to go.' Jess Wade

'Well-written, vigorous ... shows how Britain's frame engineers were key figures in modernisation.' Jeremy Black, BBC History Magazine